Barb Blau



Barb Blau

Maiden Name


Spouse Name

Alan Blau

Relationship Status


Current Address or Addresses for Snowbirds

100 Lennora Crescent


Justin, Sr. wife Jane kids Justin, Jr., Emma and Jack
Josh, wife Jamie, kids Hayden, Morgan, Sydney, Kaelyn, twins Corbin and Darrin, and Charlie
Erik and significant other Claire

Military Service


Career (what did you do to pay the bills)

To pay the bills I gave people money…I worked at J. F. Ahern Co. with my final 15 years in payroll.

Personal (what did and/or do you plan to do to enjoy life)

Enjoy grandkids, golfing, baseball games, traveling, computer, reading.

High School Memories

Such a blur after 50 years, but the friendships established were the best part. Re-establishing them and making old acquaintances new will be a highlight.