Nancy A. Rather



Nancy A. Rather

Maiden Name


Spouse Name

Dennis Rather deceased class member

Relationship Status


Current Address or Addresses for Snowbirds

4120 S. Katherine Dr
New Berlin, WI 53151


Two children, Mark Rather and Michele Rather Kellogg
Five granddaughters

Military Service


Career (what did you do to pay the bills)

Worked for 25 years with Kohl’s Food Stores in the main office and 11 years with UnitedHealthcare in each job did data entry work which I enjoyed.

Personal (what did and/or do you plan to do to enjoy life)

Retired April 1st I am enjoying some travel and hobbies that were left till retirement. I hope to find more to keep me active starting in September. I have a house that keeps me busy but enjoy living here. I hope to attend more Brewer games next season.

High School Memories

Dances at the Youth Center, attending football and basketball games, meeting my future husband in study hall and doing his Bookkeeping assignments.