Bonnie and Bud Shaw



Bonnie and Bud Shaw

Maiden Name


Spouse Name

Robert (Bud) Shaw

Relationship Status


Current Address or Addresses for Snowbirds

14 Portage Place
Lakeshore Terrace
N. Fond du Lac, Wi 54937


Bonnie, one son named Rick Braun
Bud, 3 children named Steve, Chris and Tracy
6 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter

Military Service


Career (what did you do to pay the bills)

Bonnie is retired after 30 years as the Director of Business Services at All About Life Rehab Center.
Bud is retired after 31 years at Park Cheese.

Personal (what did and/or do you plan to do to enjoy life)

Just enjoying our retirement, traveling and gardening. Spending time with our family, grandchildren and friends.

High School Memories

We went to senior prom together, got engaged after graduation. Broke up, both married other people and moved away. We came back to Fond du Lac and were reunited 10 years later. We have been married 38 years. Amazing to think, had we gotten married in 1965, we would be celebrating 50 years of marriage.

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