Lee Junkans



Lee Junkans

Spouse Name


Relationship Status


Current Address or Addresses for Snowbirds

17725 Pennsylvania Court
Orland Park, IL 60467


Joel (5/12/1975)
Allison & Andrea (12/9/78)
Grandchildren: Leo, Palmer, Caroline & 4th expected in January of 2016

Military Service


Career (what did you do to pay the bills)

University Career Services Director for top MBA programs (Duke University, University of Rochester & the University of Notre Dame and Illinois Institute of Technology (current–independent career advisor). Most famous student was Mrs. Bill Gates. Previously spent 8 years in corporate college recruiting and executive recruiting for several major corporations.

Personal (what did and/or do you plan to do to enjoy life)

Raise family. Co-founded a church job search group (active since 2005); Play golf and enthusiastic fan of Green Bay Packers, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bulls, Duke University basketball and Notre Dame football.

High School Memories

High school friendships, senior year, realizing that Miss Stepnoski was right about advice on college.

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